My New Vegetable Recommendations

Excerpt from Dr Mercolas article

It may be that as few as one in three Americans are getting adequate amounts of vegetables in their diets

The majority of the benefits from consuming "fruits and vegetables" come from the vegetables, not the fruits. Fruits could virtually be eliminated and we could still be quite healthy.

However, fruits are better choices compared to what most Americans are eating.

Carrots and corn are the two most frequently consumed vegetables while another study found that potato chips and French fries made up over one-third of children’s diets.

With vegetable intake like this it is easy to understand why so many kids are sick.

The other sad aspect of children's diets is their heavy orientation toward milk, juices and sodas as primary beverages. Juices and sodas are likely the worst beverages for most children, but milk is not far behind.

The selection of nearly all breakfast foods for kids is another nightmare that does not improve health but instead hurtles most kids toward a reliance on drugs and surgery as solutions for the inevitable health complications that result from choosing these types of foods.

My previous recommendation was one pound of vegetables for every 50 pounds of body weight. The easiest way to achieve this is be regularly consuming vegetable juice.

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