"3 Swine Flu Immunity Tricks..."

article by Roger Haeske

Did you know that you never need to worry about germs or viruses or getting the flu if you know the secrit to a low toxin lifestyle? The fact is this Swine Flu is a concocted situation that will be used to try and warrant forced vaccinations around the world. The only people who are going to die from the Swine Flu are the ones who are taking the vaccines for it and then taking additional poisonous drugs to deal with the symptoms. But you can have complete immunity from the Swine Flu and any other flu. I haven't had the flu in at least 8 years.

The reason why is I live the Low Toxin Lifestyle. (Though recently I broke my own rules and paid the price as I mentioned in an email about a month ago. You can read it online here: http://www.aweber.com/b/1gxtQ)

There are at least two major aspects to this you need to understand.

1. What you eat or consume into your body?
2. And what you eliminate.

If you eat a 100% Raw Food Diet, it's unlikely you'll ever catch the so-called flu of any kind, let alone this made up Swine Flu.  And you don't really catch it. It has been proven repeatedly that viruses are not the cause of getting flu-like symptoms.

This can be easily proven because many people can be exposed to the same exact virus from sick people and yet never "catch" the flu. I used to teach tennis for years to children and when I went 100% raw I was absolutely immune to getting the flu. What really happens is that there's an excess of toxins and gunk running all throughout your body from taking in so many toxins from cooked food, junk food, polluted air, environmental toxins, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

The problem lies in that you're body simply can't eliminate the toxins fast enough. You become overloaded with toxins so much that you've surpassed your body's ability to eliminate them. Therefore you're body has to do something with these toxins and they end up getting stored in your fat cells and in other areas of your body away from the vital organs.

NOTE: This is another reason why people on a cooked food diet tend to get overweight.

Hyper Toxemia is what causes you to really get sick. It's a toxin overload, not germs or viruses. This happened to me recently. I wasn't taking as good care of myself as possible. I was getting way less sleep than I'm accustomed to for a long time. As a result, I had these low level cold symptoms for over a month. If I had been eating cooked food I would have been overwhelmed by flem, raging fever and horrible cold symptoms. But because I was 100% raw I was still working and functioning fairly well. Most people could never even notice that I was sick.

When you don't sleep enough, it doesn't allow your body to "fully detoxify" itself. And if you continue to load up with toxins you're going to get sick. This is your body's method of making you rest and allowing itself to eliminate excess toxins.

Why is it that babies are expected to get sick about 13 times per year here in the United States? That's dang crazy...

Yet a raw baby will hardly ever get sick and if it does, the symptoms will be muted compared to what a cooked food child has to go through. Karmyn has noticed this with Non-No Boy. In his first year, he was only sick twice and it was really minor. So if you want to beat any flu and not feel the need to take any poisonous vaccination then you need to do these three things.

1. Eat your Natural Diet a 100% Raw Food Diet.
2. Sleep as much as you need to feel well rested when you wake up.
3. Don't take any poisonous vaccinations.

On to point number three. I've covered this in detail in a few previous emails.If you look at the evidence closely, you'll see that the people who will be dieing from the Swine Flu will actually be the ones vaccinated against it. It's already happening to our folks in the military who are forced to take all sorts of needless vaccines. Vaccines are loaded with terrible toxins.

Below is a list of just SOME of the toxic ingredients in vaccines:

Ethylene Glycol (Antifreeze)
Thimerosal (49% Mercury by weight and still found in vaccines as of
Phenol (carbolic acid)
Antibiotics - Neomycin, Streptomycin, Polymyxin B
Animal Organ Tissue and Blood
Aborted Human Fetal Tissue and Human Albumin
Animal Viruses
Human Viruses

For instance, you'd never want to intentionally eat mercury, or anti-freeze or borax yet these and many other super toxic ingredients are included in vaccines and then injected into your blood bypassing your body's natural defense mechanisms. If you want health, you don't inject yourself with poison.

For much more detailed and scientific info on this I highly recommend you check this website out. It has scientific articles by numerous MD's that explain the multi-faceted health problems that vaccinations cause.


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  1. Thanks for all this info. I'm really stumped about what to do with the vaccine. All the doctors are reccomending it for my baby becuase she has medical issues, but something inside me tells me that it might not be the best thing for her.

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