Quails falling from the sky?

Well....almost. My hubby was at Costco a couple of days ago and loe & behold what did he find? 2 chickens in a package, sitting in the parking lot.

So I put one in the pot and made some braised chicken.

This is a yummy recipe, one that somehow come over with me from Australia over 20 years ago. I lost the recipe but fortunately I remembered how to make it. My family loves it.

served with skillet corn bread


1 chicken (or pieces)
chicken stock
3/4 cup balsalmic vinegar
1 can tomatoes
snow peas
2 bay leaves
salt & pepper


Generously smother the chicken with crushed garlic, oregano salt & pepper. Brown on both sides in a pan. Add to pot remainder ingredients, except peas. Cover & simmer approximately 3/4 hr. Take lid off and cook 10 minutes for sauce to thicken. Add peas, cook for five minutes and serve.

I usually serve this with couscous, but last night I made mashed potatoes and substituted the canned tomatoes with tomato sauce & sundried tomatoes which was also very good.

It was nice to have a fuller meal after eating this this week. Have to say it's been easier on the cooking side.

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