Lentil Soup


1 lb lentils
1 onion
4 medium tomatoes
1 parsnips
2 carrots chopped
1 tablespoon each thyme, basil, oregano
salt & pepper
Mrs Dash (if you have)


I made this the other night before our blizzard, I literally threw all the ingredients in the pot and we went out shopping (my husband doesn't give me much warning)....so it cooked for 3 hrs. Great to come home to a hot pot of soup. Great served with corn bread.

Tomato tip - If you're luck enough to get very cheap tomatoes or grow your own and find you have excess, you can throw them in the freezer and add them whole to you dish. They break down nicely and you can remove the skin if it's not desired. Much healthier than the canned variety.

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  1. This is a great little recipe indeed! And....so timely....winter soups are a boon to the soul, don't you think?!