Menu Plan Monday

curry chick peas & naan (trader joe's has the best)
or I could try this atta or pakora (when I was in the south of India they served this on top of a large crepe and topped it with a fried egg and it was delicious
spinach lasagne (ravioli)
I have a super easy recipe I'll post the day I make this
leftovers with roasted veggies (I steamed and roasted the potatoes and added a couple of bags of mixed frozen veggies with chestnuts, brocoli, peppers & snap whole crew loved it, I should've made more coz the baby missed out (he was sleeping).....yeh you snooze you looze in this house!
Last week I did something I don't normally do with our leftovers. I usually do leftovers Friday or Saturday night, so I don't have to do much cooking...but this time I had Indian Chicken leftover and made some roasted veggies on the side, and the leftover beef stew with some frozen steamed veggies, so we got 2 good dinners out of them. I am definitely going to keep doing worked so well.
You don't know how thankful I am that we have food stamps for the moment. Can you believe the amount they've given us is about 3 times what we normally spend on food each month. We went to Costco and stocked up on all the pantry items, chicken. Hopefully i'll find some meat on sale this week and get a few more things we need, then I won't have to buy much except bread, milk & produce each week. It is a little harder living without 'John's farm'....where I've been buying nearly everything between 39c - 99c a lb...but I'm sure we'll manage.


  1. Lovely..such wonderful inspiring ideas!Great links too! I look forward to more of your posts!Fabulous! Man..I am super hungry now!

  2. Thanks for all these great ideas. How ever do you think of them.

  3. I love Indian food! Looks like you are eating well this week.