40, 50, Fit & Fabulous

Well this week was a very slow start....in the beginning of the week, I scratched a mole off my back, and it's been very sore...so i didn't want to do more damage...must go to a doc.

I did take 3 lovely walks, and managed to start eating healthier. including in the menu this week, fruit salad for breakfast, 2 salads, I made my pasta sauce with a bunch of fresh tomatoes added. I managed to make some green drinks - my preference is kale and strawberries, so refreshing! Snacks consisted of raisins & almonds, fruit.

This week I really have to start stretching my aching bones...and I will start juicing, my juicer is ready to go again. I will make a note to put my vitamins out, and take a multivitamin every day, and the big one...I need to get to bed earlier...I'm a night owl. I'm hoping for more energy and less aches, because then I will be happy to be more active.

Goal is to enjoy whatever I'm doing.

2 tips...

TOMATOES - I really liked having fresh tomatoes in my pasta sauce...I always go by the reduced produce stand...there are often packs of tomatos that are very ripe. I wash them, slice the tops and put them in the freezer whole and cook them as needed. If you're adding to cooked food...just pop them in 1/2 cup water and boil for a few minutes, the skin comes off very easily when pulled with tongs. They can also be used uncooked for cold soups. I would like to make my own from scratch like this or  this and keep it in the freezer for when I need it.

STRAWBERRIES - I like to buy frozen strawberries, i find they're often cheaper and don't require cleaning, don't go bad immediately, and my kids don't eat them as soon as they come into the house. My husband was buying them from Costco...but I bought some from Trader Joes this week and they were smaller, riper, and had so much more flavour. We cooked some with a little organic sugar and made strawberry syrup for our pancakes (recipe), and of course I used some in my green drink.

Here's a nice little blog on organic vegetable gardening in case you're really adventurous...now is the time to get planting.

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