40, 50, Fit & Fabulous

This is the first week of my very own fitness program. Come join me.


Here is my plan:

1 - 5 minutes of stretching....more if I want, the goal is to get my body moving, get rid of the aches & pains, and become more limber.

2 - There are four areas I'm unhappy with right now...arms, legs, hips, and waist so I will try to do an extra toning exercise in one of those areas each day.

3 - Funfilled activties, is really something I'm looking forward to - I would like to try a brisk walk Monday morning with my toddler after I take my prek'er to the bus. Just to take a deep breathe of fresh air, clear my mind for the week....let it go from there. Wednesday I would like to commit to playing raquet ball with my girls down the street at the local basketball courts...even just for 1/2hr, and Friday I would like to walk down to the library with my young children. 2 miles. I also walk to any afterschool sports, which during spring will be maybe once a week for my 2 oldest. I would love to find someone to walk with, so I will see if I can find a willing partner.

4 - My plan of healthier eating is to try and eat at least 2 salads for lunch, fruit in the mornings, start making fresh juices, and we're already eating a lot more vegetables with dinner eat week, and being warmer weather, I'm making a salad niscious once a week, and salad as a side at lease once. My pitfall right now is just eating cereal or bread or toast all day...so it's just carbs with little nutrition. I think for this week I will make the fruit and juices the priority.

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