Weekly Menu

I write my list of meals out and decide what I'm doing for dinner while cleaning up after breakfast. I either pick a meal to fit my schedule, or something I'm in the mood for - I work much better when I'm enthusiastic about something.

minestrone soup w. toast
london broil, corn on the cob, pureed sweet potatoes
chicken & almonds with rice
indian beef curry w. cauliflower & carrots with rice
rissoles and mixed veggies (frozen)
chicken caciatore, crockpot roasted veggies
ravioli, mixed green salad
sushi, crab, carrot, cucumber, avocado
salmon cakes, rissotto w. peas & asparagus



  1. I like your blog and I am going to follow it.

  2. Hi, I've just started it and I was going to get a little more on it before I 'publicized' it. I will be posting all my week's menu's, shopping lists, recipes and new raw goodies.

  3. Great menu!

    I need to get back to posting my weekly menu on my food blog.

    Can't wait to see what else you come up with!